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Our Turn-Key Dollar Store gives you the look and feel of a franchise, while leaving you free to control your own destiny and success.
Dollar Store Services does not charge royalty fees, or restrict your business like other retail opportunities will.

Why you should own your dollar store today.
Right now is an ideal time to start a dollar store as a majority of shoppers are seeking the best possible value for their hard earned money
Shoppers have migrated from the large grocery store chains for their everyday items and needs.
Dollar stores sit in a prime position to provide great everyday items such as national brand cleaning products like bathroom and kitchen cleaners, personal grooming items like soap, hair products and many other personal items.
In a recent Supermarket News survey one respondent reported that “Dollar stores are capturing paper products and cleaning products away from supermarkets, especially in small markets.”
Snack and food items are also extremely popular at the dollar price point. Balloons, toys, holiday decorations, reading glasses and other popular ancillary items are also a large factor in the popularity of dollar stores.
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