If you are a successful sales person or executive considering owning your own business, B2B Franchising will be of particular interest.

Over the last 10 years Franchise City has helped hundreds of successful executives become extremely successful business owners with our B2B franchise matching program.

Franchise City works as a matchmaker helping connect top B2B professionals with successful B2B franchise brands. If you want to find the most profitable franchise most suited to your background, operational preferences, budget and geographic location our matching service does exactly that.

We work with multiple franchises in assorted verticals including sales training franchises like Sandler Training or Crestcom, senior care, financial franchises, cleaning, executive consulting, telecom, factoring and more. And while their industries are varied the one thing these franchises all have in common is that their most successful owners all came from business to business careers.

Franchising, as most people are aware allows entrepreneurs to own a business of their own while leveraging a successful business model and well known brand.

Most people equate franchising with brands like McDonalds, KFC or Taco Bell. But what most don’t know is that this business model is also used – and very successfully – by companies in the B2B space. Sales people or executives provide the core strength these types of franchises need while benefiting from the support, business structure and brand recognition of a well known franchise.

A franchise often means lower risk, quicker time to profitability, proven business plans, historical benchmarks to follow and more.

Now buying a major food franchise is out of financial reach for most, but B2B franchises require a much lower investment. The majority come in under $100K as they are often non brick and mortar service type of models. Interesting to note is that despite the lower ROI the returns on investment can often match or exceed many food franchises. Most of our clients are very pleasantly surprised when they are exposed to the earnings disclosures.

Who are we looking for in a candidate? If you are a top B2B professional you know who you are. You’ve attended all the top courses, attained Presidents Clubs and top 5%, you are privy to all the latest in the B2B space and most importantly you can validate an extensive history of overachievement. You should have a minimum of $50,000 to invest in your franchise and the financial capacity to support yourself as the business ramps up.

Our service is free to you as we receive a referral fee when we successfully place a candidate. If you would like to see what B2B franchises are available in your area and suited for your qualifications please contact us today to arrange a phone consultation. And we do respectfully request that only serious and qualified candidates apply.

Thanks for watching.